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About Us

It is the project of Rancing Revolution to inspire, facilitate and advance conversations on the topic of bullying, and to do so in a way that not only discourages bullying behavior but also simultaneously encourages its positive counterparts - freedom of expression, acceptance of diversity, social support and overall health and well-being.  Our mission is to eliminate bullying from all levels of our society by inspiring a cultural shift towards kindness.

The Rancing Revolution is about normative culture change.  In our educational curriculum, we use Rancing as a physical metaphor.  When we can overcome our own fears and vulnerabilities and truly feel free to Rance to our own Beat in life, our actions give others permission to do the same.  In all environments, from the classroom to the workplace, we emphasize values of empathy, acceptance, and the courage of kindness.

It is easy to size up the problem of bullying in our society and feel powerless.  But as individuals we all have the power to radically change our own thinking, attitudes, actions, and reactions.  When enough individuals get together (Rance together!) and agree to move forward in a different way, this creates social change.  There are many of us out there that want to reduce violence and promote peace and civility – let's shine a little brighter and make the message more visible!