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In The News

If you notice something in the media or in the news, either incidents of bullying or examples of inspiring individuals engaging in creative efforts to put a stop to bullying, let us know so we can share it

Rancing Revolution takes to City Hall Park

Rancing in City Hall Park

WPTZ:  "A Burlington-based group wants to end bullying, not just in schools, but as a part of our culture."

Teenage Football Players do the Unexpected

We've heard a lot of negative news about teenage football players recently. And while some have engaged in awful behavior, the truth is that there are a lot of amazing people in the world.

'Rancing' Activists Take on Bullying

Burlington Free Press:  "Any revolution worth its salt must accommodate dancing, Emma Goldman is reputed to have declared in the last century.  Early in the 21st, Burlington-based social activist and teacher Corey Richardson is taking Goldman at her word by 'rancing' — racing and dancing — to further an anti-bullying campaign at the University of Vermont..."

Running and Dancing to Combat Bullying in Burlington

Rancing in Burlington News Coverage

WPTZ:  "You've heard of dancing, but what about rancing? Rancing Revolution is a new organization spreading awareness about bullying. Saturday, they ranced -- danced and ran -- through downtown Burlington."

Send in the Clowns! Literally.

This is a great example of how to oppose hate with love, or with silliness, as it were.  A protest very much in the spirit of, and aligned with the values of, the Rancing Revolution!

Special Team

photo: Dave Knoer

In Queen Creek, Arizona high school bullies were throwing trash at sophomore Chy Johnson. Calling her "stupid." Pushing her in the halls.

Her mom says she tried to talk to teachers and administrators and got nowhere. So she tried a whole new path -- the starting quarterback of the undefeated football team. After all, senior Carson Jones had once escorted Chy to the Special Olympics...

Read the rest of this inspirational story here.

Teens Respond to Bullying by Wearing Pigtails

Pigtails for Peace

After Maisie Miller was bullied at school for wearing her hair in pigtails, she recruited peer support on Facebook and asked her fellow classmates to stand up to the bullies with her and wear pigtails...

Check out the video and read the full story here to see an amazing display of social support.

Dad Wears Skirt In Solidarity With His 5-Year Old Son

When it comes to supporting his son's unconventional wardrobe, Nils Pickert talks the talk and walks the walk.

Read the rest of this inspiring story here

Wisconsin News Anchor Responds to Bullying

Wisconsin news anchor Jennifer Livingston is the latest internet sensation - and inspiration - after responding on television to a email from a viewer about her weight. 

Thank you Jennifer for doing your part to create a kinder world!

Turning Cyber Bullying into Inspiration

Sikh Woman Balpreet Kaur Turns Cyber Bullying Incident into Inspiration (photo from reddit)After someone snapped a photo of her and posted it on online, Balpreet Kaur was ridiculed for following the tenets of her Sikh faith. But instead of hiding or lashing out, she politely posted a reply—and turned a bullying situation into a inspiring example of tolerance, support, and inspiration [via Yahoo! news].