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Meet The Rancing Revolution's Board Members & Team


Corey Richardson"My name is Corey Richardson and I am a co-founder and Director of Rancing Revolution. I also teach social work part-time at the University of Vermont, coach youth soccer and am engaged in a Doctoral program (dissertation on the topic of Bullying!) through Taos Institute/Tilburg University in the Netherlands. For me, Rancing Revolution is a labor of love. I have donated thousands of dollars and a year and a half of my time getting this project off the ground.  I have done this because I am passionate about social change, about the true power and courage of Kindness, and about the possibility of paradigm-shifting social work revolutionizing the way we look at Bullying and other social problems. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, 'Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.'  I believe that, and it is that notion which guides this work."

JB Barna"My name is JB Barna and I am a 52 year old social work educator at the University of Vermont who believes strongly in the power of kindness and positive energy. I have always been drawn to using our authentic selves to build relationships - relationships that end up being the foundation for social change and activism. Rancing Revolution gives me the opportunity to be engaged in the excitement generated by these concepts as they interact with bullying at all levels. And besides, it's really fun to think and create with the team of people Corey has brought together."

Kailee Brickner-Mcdonald“My name is Kailee Brickner-Mcdonald, director of the Dewey House for Civic Engagement at UVM.  Rancing Revolution brings together two of my favorite things -- playing and making positive social change. Rancing started as simply a fun thing to do with friends when I was a student at the College of William and Mary. Now, to be able to work with the activity of Rancing as a metaphor and learning experience is amazing!

I've worked with students who want to change the world since 2007-- in museum education, as a campus organizer for public interest campaigns, and most recently as Director of the Dewey House.  Some of my most meaningful experiences include being one of the lead facilitators for UVM's Next Step Social Justice Retreat, developing the Dewey House curricula for service-learning courses, and seeing the constant growth and learning which students inspire in my own life.”

Marie Hebert"My name is Marie Hebert and I am a recent UVM graduate in Community Development and Applied Economics. I've had the opportunity to work with many non-profit organizations both local and abroad, which ultimately led me to Rancing Revolution in my final year of university. With such a fun, positive way to go about bullying prevention, I was immediately hooked.  I am very much looking forward to further spreading Rancing Revolution's message as an AmeriCorps VISTA this year."

Michael Hill, Jr.“My name is Michael Hill, Jr., and I am a UVM graduate student in the Masters of Social Work program. I am very excited to be a part of the Rancing Revolution team.  I have realized that I want to dedicate myself to making the greatest positive change I can in this lifetime. I’ve witnessed inspiration through working for AmeriCorps as a City Year member and doing community rehabilitation with middle school students through civic engagement.  The Rancing Revolution message is dedication and inspiration in its purest form, dedication to changing the negative and instead embracing the positive; this message is the appropriate fuel for social change. As a new member to the Rancing Revolution family I am excited about devoting my skills, experience and perspective towards empowering a better community, hopefully one day a better world as well.”

Matt Tucker“My name is Matt Tucker and I really enjoy helping people manage their small business or nonprofit. I train people to set up accounting systems, create business plans, and organize data. I am drawn to Rancing Revolution because of its simple and powerful message of being yourself and 'Rancing to your own beat'. I’m very excited to work with the Rancing Revolution team and to contribute to the development of an inspiring organizing and a meaningful anti-bullying curriculum that resonates with children and adults everywhere.”

Rory Schulman“My name is Rory Schulman and I am the owner of Red King Production, a company dedicated to taking video projects from concept to completion. I have been professionally shooting and editing videos for the past seven years, and believe that using video can be a great vehicle to help get the Rancing Revolution message out to the world. I think people sometimes forget that bullying can continue into adulthood, so getting the word out there is very important."