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The Revolution is happening.

'Culture of Kindness' Curriculum

Our ‘culture of kindness’ adult workshops are designed to better facilitate positive work environments, address incidents of bullying behavior in the workplace and promote social support, empathy and freedom to innovate. 

Our 'culture of kindness' school-age curriculum takes on a solution-focused approach to the issue of bullying and emphasizes social support and normative culture change as the primary solution(s) to bullying behavior.  The lesson plans frame the issue of bullying in language of oppression and social change and work with students to explore and practice the core concepts of empathy, inclusion and acceptance.  Our mission is to inspire students to take on the issue of bullying in their environment by embracing leadership roles and inspiring social change in their peer communities.  

Our core curricula is currenlty adapted to four target age levels - 5th grade, mid-level, high school and adult.  All curriculum or programming facilitation is preceded by a consultation meeting with our Director, after which our programming is tailored to best meet the specific needs of your group.  If your school, business or organization is interested in incorporating Rancing Revolution programming or curriculum, please e-mail Corey directly at Corey@RancingRevolution.com.

Click below to view our Curriculum Outline.

Rancing Revolution Cirriculum Outline