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Testimonials from some of the
many people impacted by Rancing Revolution!

It’s okay to be different and people need to understand that. And people need to be kinder to each other – I have been trying to just to say ‘hi’ to more people in the halls and talk to different people than I normally do.” 
Allie, u32 middle school student

“Every person needs to change their mindset, one at a time.”
Emily, u32 middle school student

“The fact that you are stepping outside your comfort zone and making yourself vulnerable makes you mature and learn more about yourself. In a kind environment people are more apt to do something they might otherwise never do…and when you don’t have your guard up you can be your true self; and I believe that the world would be much better off. A bully-free world enables people to go outside of their comfort zone, which allows for limitless possibilities.”
Will, UVM SW student

“Rancing puts you in an uncomfortable situation to make you realize every single day people are judged, evaluated, ridiculed and mocked for simply expressing themselves. It really made me look at how we as a culture view difference.”
Alec, UVM SW student

“The act of Rancing can be a reminder that we are not alone in our struggles and that every person has joy inside of them that they can share.”
Amy, UVM SW student

“Rancing definitely made me feel empathetic towards those who don’t necessarily fit into the ‘norms’ of society, whether it’s their actions, their looks, or their identity that makes them feel excluded.”
Jasmine, UVM SW student

“Thank you so much for your presentation yesterday. I found it to be extremely inspiring and so very helpful. It made me feel good to know there are things I can do to stand up for myself, and that it is extremely important that I do.”
Morgan, UVM Nursing student

“I’ve always thought bullying was for middle school kids but you made me think about it and realize it happens even with adults. I would like to join and participate to help bring about change and a shift in thinking! I feel like this presentation is the highlight of my nursing career.”
Stephanie, UVM Nursing student